Sanny Views on exhibition Loes van Delft

Artist Loes van Delft presented her colourful work at COBRA Art Company, Amsterdam. Sanny Views was there. For Sanny Views on Loes van Delft, please visit the album on facebook, Sanny Views. #loesvandelft #lousvandelft #art #color #cobraamsterdam #cobraartcompany

Students on Sanny Views Amsterdam

Students Emma (left) and Carmina (right) came from ROC Enschede to interview Sandra on Sanny Views Amsterdam. #students #rocenschede #mediaopleiding

A Sanny View on Hans Withoos, Photographic Artist

Yesterday we had the most fantastic tour at the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, NL, by the famous photographic artist Hans Withoos (1962) himself. It is such a pleasure to meet the artist and hear about his motives and drive. This adds a whole new dimension to the exhibition. In the project Withoos meets Withoos Hans meets his great-great-grandfather, the famous painter Matthias Withoos (1627). A colourful, unique and symbolic exhibition in which Hans uses the paintings of Matthias as a part of his own special photographic work. #Art #Artist #photographicart #withoos #westfriesmuseum

A Sanny View on a Sculptor at Work

Artistic Reporting Last week I was at Chris Tap's Studio on the Elswout Estate in Overveen, NL to make an artistic report on his work. Chris makes incredible sculptures. I love working around artists at work. The dedication, the concentration, the passion, the energy.... It is very inspiring to be part of that process. #sculptor #ChrisTap #ManatWork #Sculptures #Artist #Art #Elswout