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Sanny :

The Storytelling Photographer


Sandra Irene Veenstra (1971, Amsterdam - NL) is an award winning Storytelling Photographer at Sanny Views®.

Sandra has a strong desire to focus on the (B)right and Colourful Side of Life. If you see Sandra, her camera is always close by. What her eye sees, her camera catches. Her work is like her personality: colorful and urban.

Her work is for sale and can be found on exhibitions and this website. She also works commissioned. She makes photo reports etcetera. Feel free to contact her. More about Sanny and her work can be found on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Awards, a.o.: Life as a Cinema Award, Hitit Professional Photography Award, The World Wide Street Photography Club Gallery, The Best of One Nite Shot Photography, Red Door Distinction Award, Silver Award Photograpy on the Go (Kabir 2.8), Best of The Day by Little Happiness in Camera. 


Sandra has always been fascinated and inspired by human interaction. She has been an international pedagogue for over 20 years. Her basic attitude towards life is optimistic. She uses her professional observation skills to make people aware of the invisible and the visible effects of their actions and she coaches people into improving the quality of their interactions in general, and in connection to children in particular. 

The other side of the medal

Being a pedagogue and observer, Sandra is often confronted with the dark side of human actions, e.g. child (sexual) abuse. 'Once you have seen, you cannot unsee.' Once you know, you can't not know. Sandra realised that she should also focus on the (B)right Side of Life, in order to do as much as possible for Children's Rights from a healthy point of view. That's what 'The Other Side of the Medal' stands for. Her project Kid for ChildRights aims to bring more awareness to child (sexual) abuse and the consequences, how to prevent it, and how to  end it. And that is why Sanny's work is so colorful and bright!

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