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Sanny Views at MasterClass Jimmy Nelson - a circle completed

Happy San. Last Monday I was invited to the MasterClass of Jimmy Nelson, one of the most interesting photographers of our time. Not only as a photographer, also as an extraordinary human being.

We have a history, which makes me even more thrilled to be in Jimmy's MasterClass...

In 1999 I started my pedagogical career at 2Voices, a bilingual Montessori Preschool. One of my first pupils who started at the same time was 2-year old A., a great little girl who found her way. Lovely parents as well, Ashkaine Hora Adema en Jimmy Nelson. Almost 20 years later, after leaving 2Voices and running my independent pedagogical practice for 18 years, I now am a Child Right Activist combatting Child Sexual Abuse (Kid for ChildRights) and a Photographer (Sanny Views). My photographs are as colourful and happy as the world of CSA is dark and unhappy.

The Master Class was inspiring, enlightening, energising and made me a more complete person and photographer. Thanks for that.

Jimmy, I love your story, your work, your process, your vision and your photographs. See you!

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